Powerful Oxidant.


What are the properties of ozone?

Powerful Oxidant
Ozone is O3, which makes at instable molecule and capable of oxidation. This instability is what gives us the effects we want from ozone.
Used in many ways
Ozone plays a pivotal role in diverse sectors such as water purification, agriculture, and wine-making. Ozone is also instrumental in cultivating a more favorable terrain for enhanced well-being.
Variation of oxygen
Ozone carries an extra oxygen atom to create O3. The oxygen we breathe is O2, so it’s pretty similar in it’s chemical makeup but unlike oxygen cannot be breathed into the lungs.

Must-have Features for an Ozone Generator

Cold corona discharge is the type of frequency that is used to create the ozone. It is energy efficient and produces very little heat, ensuring the longevity of the device.

The internals of an ozone generator should be 100% ozone resistant for purity and preventing degredation of the machine.

Your ozone generator should be user friendly and easy to use so it’s not complicated to set up and run.

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